Play Some Reindeer Games

Children of all ages will be enchanted by a search throughout the holiday magic of Glover Park for Santa’s nine reindeer. Locate each reindeer, unravel a festive riddle, and add this annual game to your family’s holiday traditions at The Marietta Square. A perfect activity before or after a Santa visit, Reindeer Games is designed for children 6-102 years old (though the younger ones might need a little adult assistance). Visit the Information Kiosk for a $5 game card and let the merriment begin!

The Reindeer

A mystery’s afoot in the Winter Wonderland. Santa’s downfall may sadly be at hand.
See if you can help his trusty magic deer, so the children will all wake to a world of Christmas cheer!

Locate each of Santa's nine reindeer throughout Glover park and use the tools given to help Santa find his map and save Christmas! Once the map has been located, return to the information kiosk for a token of Santa's appreciation!

Where to Get Your Game Card

Cards available for $5 at the Winter Wonderland Information Kiosk.

Who Can Play

The Game is designed for ages 6-102 and should take under half an hour to complete. It’s a great activity while waiting for or after visiting Santa.